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Local Action plans for a DEsign driven Social Economy

The main challenge of the European social economy and social enterprises is to enhance their innovation capacities and competitiveness.

The social economy’s growth potential in an economic and social crisis has been frequently underlined. The social economy is not only a resilient model during crises. It keeps developing and growing while other economic sectors can scarcely get by. A social enterprise has all the basic features of the "normal " enterprise, but the adjective "social " means that in addition to the profit, it combines economic and social objectives.

Project description

LADESE aims to use Service Design as a methodology to create user friendly design driven innovation support programmes for Social Enterprises to drive competitiveness and growth that will be implemented and monitored through the local action plans. By combining forces, the partners will create the guidelines for using Service Design Process by public authorities

and Innovation Agencies for creating better and user-friendly support programmes for social companies. To achieve this, LADESE uses the Twinning Advanced Methodology.


To achieve these objectives five organisations coming from three different EU countries from public and private sector joined forces and expertise in order to:

- Build a transnational and inter-regional peer-learning group from Greece, Italy and Netherlands to exchange of experience and build capacities on how to better support design driven innovation of social SMEs

- Develop 3 social economy local action plans with the cooperation of social economy

stakeholders in each participating region on how to enhance design driven capabilities of social SMEs

- Develop a Design Options Paper (DOP) that will include policy recommendations on how to

use service design as a method to design, upgrade and evaluate support programmes for social enterprises. DOP can be potentially replicable in other parts of Europe.


Envolve is an international business support organization and innovation agency with presence in Greece, Cyprus and USA. It develops programmes, tools and initiatives to support the government and the innovation ecosystems in the target countries. Evolve seeks to cultivate the next generation of business leaders by providing Education, Resources, and Awards. As key stakeholders of the Greek startup and innovation industries, Envolve is in close cooperation with policy makers, governmental officials, chambers and associations, as well as startup leaders and other support organizations.



  • Dimos Varis - Voulas - Vouliagmenis

(DVVV) is a coastal town southwest of Attica with a population of approximately 70.000 permanent residents. The economical activity of the city consists of a large variety of enterprises including shipping, tourism and a substantial entertainment industry and the local government has developed numerous projects to enhance opportunities in the area in order to reduce unemployment.


  • Den Bosch

It is one of the oldest towns in the Netherlands and the capital of the province of North-Brabant. The municipality comprises of 9,179 hectares and has a population of 160,000 inhabitants.

Starting from 1972, the Dutch government declared the town a protected townscape and much of its historic heritage remains in place. The old inner town of ‘s-Hertogenbosch is still almost completely surrounded by continuous ramparts.

The municipality has extensive experience in delivering EU projects and programmes, including transnational Intelligent Energy Europe schemes, Interreg A, B and C schemes, LIFE projects and mainstream ERDF programs.


  • Fin Project srl

Fin Project Srl is a company that operates in the field of consultancy and assistance in the field of public funding at a regional, national, and European level. It offers advice and assistance to organizations in the profit and non-profit sectors in the planning, management and reporting of community, national and regional projects and carries out partner research in Italy and abroad.

Fin project srl cooperates with an extremely wide variety of organisations in the profit and non-profit sectors, public and private, such as companies, municipalities, provinces, regions, universities, research institutes, foundations, development agencies, social cooperatives, consortia, trade associations, trade unions, professional associations, employers' associations, training bodies and educational institutions, credit institutions, voluntary associations.


  • Provincia di Rimini

The Province of Rimini (PDR) has focused its territorial cooperation activities mainly in the field of environment, sustainability and tourism; it has also worked on energy, culture, agro industry and social issues. Its main mission is the public administration at local level within urbanism, environment, tourism, school management, street maintenance. Since 10 years the PoR has developed a consistent experience in writing, implementing and reporting EU funded projects. Being one of the main tourist basins in Europe for over half a century – each year welcoming millions of tourists from numerous different countries – has strongly influenced not only the economic development of the Province of Rimini, but also the culture of its people, social relations, the way it interacts with others and how it sees the present and imagines the future. As it is so fully immersed in an international dimension, our territory cannot forget the idea of creating a framework of institutional relations around this, capable of placing it firmly within Europe.

Today, opening up to the world, developing relations with other European territories, ensuring our citizens and our association’s dialogue with citizens and associations in other parts of Europe and helping local businesses to grow internationally and collaborate with other businesses is the best way for our territory to be part of globalisation

The Province of Rimini (PoR) has a sound experience in implementing European projects in many different programs and has a dedicated office committed to their preparation and development: e.g.Interreg, Lifelog Learning, Life, MED, COSME, Central Europe, South East Europe, IPA ADRIATIC.

Project co-funded under the Single Market Programme (SMP - COSME) of the European Union

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